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Send Name to Mars By NASA Hit 30 Lakhs Name

send your name to mars 2020 mission

Send Your Name to Mars the Service given by NASA. Using this Service you can submit your name to Mars by simple registration in 2020 with The Rover.

Rover is a car-sized about 10 feet long car the rover parts are able to explore as any living things can do. It weighs less than a compact car. It also has a built-in computer working as its brain. Rover has got a camera as its eyes and hands to know about the rocks in the mars.

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Rover Mars Mission 2020

How to Submit Name To Send to Mars?

Submitting Name on Send your Name to Mars is very easy. You Simply need to go to Submit Your Name To Mars then enter your name country email address and boom. Your name will be registered to be sent on the Mars 2020 mission on Rover.

Boarding Pass Of Your Name To Mars?

Yes, you heard it right you will also get a boarding pass/certificate of your name on Mars. You can get the boarding pass in the meantime after you complete filling the details. You can DOWNLOAD your Boarding Pass PRINT it or can also EMBED it. Example of Boarding Pass of Mars is Given Bellow.

Can I Send Name to Mars From Nepal?

Absolutely Yes, you can easily send my name from Nepal to Mars Mission 2020 from Nepal. In fact, 5,275 names have been already registered from Nepal. I am also the one who has submitted the name from Nepal. The people registering from Nepal are increasing Rapidly.

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How to Check Your Boarding Pass?

Check your boarding pass is very easy you can simply fill the forum to check your boarding Pass of Mars 2020 mission. You have to fill the forum buy the name you have registered the country and the Gmail should also be the same to see send name to Mars.