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How to play PUBG PC Lite In Nepal | Download Without VPN

Download PUBG PC Lite in any country
Download PUBG PC Lite in any country

As we all know PUBG Mobile did very well in the gaming community on Nepal mostly in the Mobile Gaming Comunity. The PUBG PC didn’t do very well the main reason was the cost for the PUBG it was cheap but if the PUBG PC was for free then a huge number would play PUBG PC in Nepal also. Another drawback of PUBG PC was it required a high-end PC which most of the Nepali don’t usually use and getting high-end PC just to play the game is not much good. So to overcome it the PUBG team has been releasing PUBG PC Lite. Yes, you heard it right PUBG PC Lite.

What is PUBG PC Lite ?

I think you are well known about PUBG. PUBG PC Lite is also the same as PUBG. If you are not well known about PUBG don’t worry PUBG is the online shooting 3D Game. Basically talking about it it’s a battle royal game of among 100 people or players. They are all drop from a plane to an island and who survive till last wins the game. It is a really fun and interesting game to play for all the people of any age.

What is the requirements of PUBG PC Lite ?

PUBG PC Lite is really an amazing PC game to run in any kind of potato computer. I mean to say we can run PUBG PC Lite in any kind of low end PC without any lag and very smoothly. Taking about it the game is very enjoyable and interesting. Here is the total list of PUBG PC Lite Requirements by which we can play game really easily and fast .

Recommended PUBG PC Lite 
OSWindows 7,8,10,64bit
CPUCore i3 2.4GHz
GPUIntel HD Graphics 4000
Direct XDirect X 11

How to Download PUBG PC Lite?

Downloading PUBG PC Lit is very easy in every part of the world without using any kind of VPN or Proxy. To complete the download without using any VPN Service we will need one game downloading store named Garena which is available worldwide. You will also need a VPN or Proxy of Thailand. So, let’s begin the process to download PUBG PC Lite.

Where to download Garena for playing PUBG PC Lite?

You can simply download Garena Software from its official page. The platform is for games to play, connect, explore also there are many more games in Garena Software. The software is applicable in all the computer version it might be 32 or 62 Bit. Get Garena to form this link Garena for PUBG which can be easily downloaded .

How to install Garena for playing PUBG PC Lite In Nepal?

So the download will be completed as per your internet speed. The size of the Garena software is 64 MB. I request you to download the software form the link given above or from the official site else not you can’t enjoy PUBG PC correctly and many crashes might cause.

  • Once the download is completed open the setup.
  • Click on Accept and Install the software.(The installation will take few minutes to be completed)
  • After the installation is completed you can get the icon in the desktop.
  • Then open the app and sign up for free and fast.
  • After the signup is completed Sign in.
  • Once the Log in is completed click in settings.
How to play PUBG PC Lite In Nepal | Download Without VPN 1
  • Now change the region to Thailand.
  • Then click on the PUBG Lite and download it.

How to play PUBG PC Lite In Nepal?

Till the download process of PUBG PC Lite, it was very easy. But now be sure not to skip any of the process mentioned below. If you missed anyone you will be unable to enjoy playing PUBG PC Lite.

Change the Time Zone to Thailand :

  • Right click on the date widget in the left side of task bar.
How to play PUBG PC Lite In Nepal | Download Without VPN 2

Click on Adjust date/time
  • Then disable the auto timezone update.
  • Select the timezone of Thailand.

Download Proxifier to Play PUBG PC Lite Nepal :

Proxifier is a program that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a SOCKS or HTTPS proxy or a chain of proxy servers. Basically, it helps to change the location so that you can play the PUBG PC Lite. So download proxifier form here Proxifier download to play PUBG PC Lite.

  • After you have downloaded the software proxifier install it.
  • Then check the server list from this link : [Config File of Thailand Server]
  • After that open the proxyfier software on your PC.
  • Click on continue evaluation on Proxifier Software.
  • Then click on Profile>>Proxy Servers>>Add
  • Copy and Paste all the IP Adress and Port no according to the list given in the link above.
  • Be sure to click on SOCKS Version 4 and click on add.
How to play PUBG PC Lite In Nepal | Download Without VPN 3
All process of Proxifier

Then you can simply play PUBG PC Lite In Nepal without any problem in your own PC form part of the world without any game lags or any game crashes.