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How To Make USB Drive Bootable From Android?

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Can I make bootable Pendrive with Android?

Hey, Making Pendrive Bootable from PC is really easy. But have you ever thought if you didn’t get access to any computer and you need to make your Pen Drive Bootable? It is really hard, isn’t it? So, to fix the problem of Making USB Drive Bootable From Android is here! Yes, you heard it right Make USB Drive Bootable From Android Devices.

Is Root Required to Make Pendrive Bootable from Android?

You guys must have heard for doing most of the usual things from the android device you need to root our device or you need to add custom ROM. But for making your USB Drive Bootable from Android you do not need to boot your device! You do not need any kind of extra thing to boot your Pendrive using Android! This is the best android bootable USB creator.

How to make Pendrive bootable from Mobile?

As you know making Pendrive bootable is not possible without installing any kinds of app. So, for making Flast Drive Bootable you must install an app that will make you easy to make your USB Stick Bootable for totally free. The app is the medium through which we can make out device bootable!

Which App Can Make Pendrive Bootable from Mobile?

ISO 2 USB is the first app to burn ISO Files To USB Stick (PenDrive) without root very easy with very simple UI, you can easily create bootable USB flash drive from your phone in a couple of minutes. So, make USB Drive Bootable using this software. It is the android bootable usb creator.

Which OS Does this app supports?

Accoring to the developer this App ISO 2 USB support Windows and Linux till date. The developer might be upgrading the support very soon which will be really cool 🙂

Note: Your Device Must Support OTG

How to Make USB Drive Bootable using ISO 2 USB?

ISO 2 USB has a very good and simple GUI. First, you must connect your Flash Drive / Pendrive to your Android device with the help of OTG Cable. After you connect your USB Drive to your Mobile. Follow the simple Steps Give Bellow to Make your USB Drive Bootable Using Mobile :


  1. Open the App and Pick USB Pen Drive!
  2. Then simply Pick the ISO file of the Os.
  3. You can choose to format the device or not!
  4. It is good to keep the option turned on.
  5. Then after all the thing is done simply Click Start.
  6. Then you can hold on for few minutes then boom!
  7. Your Pendrive is rooted!

At Conculsion:

So far it’s worked great! I’m happy to watch some ads (one at the beginning of the operation and one at the end) for something like this that works! I had an iso of Windows 10 64-bit that I wanted to extract to a USB drive so I could repair my broken PC. Everywhere else I tried (from public library PCs to Chromebooks) required admin rights which I didn’t have. This program extracted the iso I downloaded to a USB stick connected to my phone with a USB C dongle perfectly! It took a long time and seemed to hang at 47% for over ten minutes, but ultimately it worked! Next step is trying to use my newly written USB stick. I’ll update the review with results.