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How to keep laptop Cool & How to cool down your laptop !


Computer Overheating is a major problem nowadays . In this blog post I will tell you how to keep laptop Cool & Stop Overheating also to perform better .


Due to many software computer get overheating problems . Also many of the computers get crashed . So I can make you sure that after reading this blog post you will protect your computer from getting overheating and also your computer’s hardware will be in good condition .

How to cool down your Laptop :

  • The place where you use computer should have a suitable climate or temperature .
  • The computer room should be dust free .
  • Never Keep hot things on your computer hardware .
  • Make sure do not use your computer without rest .
  • Remove dust from your computer timely .

If you are facing the overheating problem again also after following the instructions mention above then you can consult with a computer specialist and give your computer for repairing / servicing .

Fix Laptop overheating when playing games :

Let me talk about the year I bought my computer . My computer was working really good and there was no overheating problem with my computer . When time pass computer got older and older and mu overheating problem started . So in this blog post I will share you guys with thing that I did to reduce Overheating of my computer .

Core Temp :

Firstly I installed Core Temp software which is very good to know the temperature of your computer . Which also let us enjoy man other features . It also shows us Input Power and Output Power Voltage . If your computer temperature increase then you can simply turn off your computer . It can also be said as computer heat monitor .

Cooler Pad :

Cooler Pad is a device that fix laptop overheating . Simply it consist of one or many fans which provides continuous air to the laptop or turns the hot air to cool air . This will help you for computer overheating and shutting down .