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Huawei Ban- The Flipped Side The Truth Behind The Ban

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Huawei Ban Flipped Side– As we all know Huawei has been banned in the US by the US government and not only this, Mr. President Donald Trump has officially said no US-based companies are permitted to do any sort of business program with Huawei and its sub-brands like Honor and the major news goes over Huawei devices won’t get Google or Android support. We know Huawei as a tech giant from its mobile phone business due to the increase in sales of Huawei smartphones and its really cool innovative phones like the Huawei P30 Pro but these all are like a side business for the tech giant Huawei.

Huawei has its core business in the fields of telecommunication and networking equipment. Huawei has been leading in the manufacturing the mobile telecommunication devices since a long time. But many people are not aware of this fact. And the recent ban from the US government is due to the suspicious activity found in the Huawei networking devices.

Huawei Ban flipped side and trump

With this statement from US government, companies like Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, ARM, Intel, Broadcom, and many others have taken out their business with Huawei which will cost a huge loss for Huawei as they will not be able to work with Google so no Google support in the upcoming Huawei devices, likewise no Windows laptop from Huawei, no phone with Qualcomm processor which is not a great deal as Huawei uses its own chip called Kirin but the main problem came when ARM took out their hand from Huawei. An association called SDA( commonly known as SD card Association) which I even did not know it existed, also ended their relation with Huawei so we can not see any expandable storage system or SD card support in upcoming Huawei devices. Bad news does not end here. Even Wi-Fi alliance has also concluded that they won’t be working with Huawei so I wonder how would Huawei design a smartphone without Wi-Fi technology. Huawei won’t be able to buy their official license but of course, they can build their own license as they are in the whole separate country but it will cost a lot so there is no point in doing so.

Huawei Ban flipped side problem

Each and every story is highlighted in this topic and from the side that the condition of Huawei is getting worse day by day but today we must have a look from the different perspective to this subject matter.

So talking about Huawei Ban flipped side, Of course, the major impact goes to Huawei from this ban but no one thought about the impact Google had to face due to this ban. However, Google is officially banned in China but Google is trying to hit China market since 2017 as it is the largest market and it has done a lot of investment in China from the projects like AI research facilities and project Dragonfly. Dragonfly was a project prototyped by Google that was intended to be compatible with China’s state censorship provisions. In simple words project, Dragonfly was a censored version of Google search which was later shut down. Not only Google, companies like Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and even Apple has done a bucket full of investment in China and they fear the most if this cold war continues. Huawei is managed by the officials somehow linked with the China government and if they decided to ban US products and companies inside China, their investment can fail and as a result, we customers may face problems like increased device price and less innovation in future. And after listening from the senior members of Huawei, they are ready with their backup plan. They knew this could happen at any instant of time so they were ready with building up their own operating system called Hongman OS which is supposed to be based on Android and which is supposed to run the Android applications. We have seen this kind of strategy from Blackberry which became a huge flop in the early days but that was a long time ago so here we need to see if it succeeds or not. If it does then it would be a huge competition for Google.

Huawei Ban flipped side

If the OS performed well in the market, the other mobile companies from China like Xiaomi, Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo can run their devices with this OS so they do not have to rely on Google for every software and security support. And it will be a great competition for Google and which in turn will benefit us. The more the competition, the more the benefit for consumers. So let’s hope Huawei comes with a great bang soon and this will happen only if the cold war between the US and China continues. But Huawei has it’s 90 days up to which it will get the Android support and within 90 days they might come to a solution and there might be a case where all the situation would be normal and everything might run as it used to if the ban is removed.

So for the sake of tech industry lets hope everything gets normal and we shall see cool and innovative devices from Huawei in the future. and we hope you guys will like our article about Huawei Ban flipped side 🙂