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How to Take Screenshot on Laptop Fast & Easily – Techy Bug

how to take screenshot on laptop techybug

Screenshots are the photo or the image of whatever that is shown on the screen of your laptop or desktop in the meantime. This post shows How to Take Screenshot on Laptop.

You can easily take a screenshot on many platforms like really quick and very easily. Taking Screenshot is similar in every Windows. Whereas Screenshot in Android, Mac Os and Computer are little different. Every Os provides the features of a Screenshot from the installation time itself. In this article, I will show you different Ways to Take a Screenshot.

Method One: Screenshots with Print Screen

Print Screen is a key presence in our keyboard but most of the people do not really care about it while taking screenshots. The main reason people do not love this way of taking a screenshot is the output location of the Screenshot. But After Reading this article you will well know about the Output Path of the Screenshot.

how  to take screenshot on laptop using print screen

Press the “Windows logo key + Fn + PrtScn” on your laptop but if you have a desktop then you can press “Windows logo key + PrtScn“. After you press the keys on your screen then you will see a quickly faded transition for few second on the screen. Which gives us knowledge about the Screenshot is taken. This is how to take screenshot on laptop using the first method.

Another useful thing about taking screenshots on Laptop with Print Screen is then screenshot that we take on our Laptop the photo will be automatically copied and also the screenshot will be automatically saved on the computer’s memory.

Method Two: Screenshots with Windows + Shift + S

After Pressing “Windows + Shift + S” you can take a Screenshot of Part of Your Laptop Screen. So If you are still thinking about how to take screenshot on laptop this will help you to take a screenshot of some part of laptop really fast and easily.

Take Sceenshot on Laptop using Wndows Shift S key

After you press the keys on your laptop using your keyboard a grey color layout will be shown on the upper part of Screen. Also If any video is been played on the background then the Media Visual will automatically stop. Then you can select the part you want by click and hover over the screen.

Method Three: Screenshots with built-in Tool

If you are all time user of Windows Operating System then you must have seen the tool of Snipping Tool on your laptop. The Snipping Tool has a new “Delay” feature in Windows 10. By the help of a simple click, you can get a perfect screenshot of your laptop screen really fast.

Take Screenshot on Laptop using Snipping Tool

After you click on Delay. Starting from the drop list, click on the number of seconds you’d like to hold up until your screen capture is taken. Then you can simply choose how much and what kind of screenshot output do you want. I prefer using the default screenshot settings.

Method Four: Use the Game Bar in Windows 10

Let’s start with basics you guys might be thinking what is Game Bar. Game Bar is the feature provided by Microsoft Coporation in Windows 10. If you are using other Windows in your laptop and want someting like Game Bar then i recomend to get upgraded to the latest version of windows 10.

Screenshot Using Game Bar in laptop Windows 10

Activating Game Bar is really easy also taking screenshot on laptop using Game Bar is really quick and very easy. You need to press “Windows+G” on your keyboard once to activate the Game Bar In Windows 10. After that make sure to sellect “Yes” if a popup aperes in the screen. Then you can see a bar hovering avobe the screen then you can take a good looking screenshot form your own laptop.

Not only for the screenshot you can use use Game Bar for many more features like boardcasting video recording and many more amazing features. This feature are inbuilt in Windows 10 and no additional companciation is needed for the Game Bar.

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