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Gmail Got Its Birthday Present! | Nepali Tech News

sedule email in gmail in nepali

In the 15th birthday of Gmail! We came to know that Gmail got it’s present or an amazing feature for all of us. So what is the present Gmail got when it turned 15? Now Gmail can Schedule the Email in Gmail that is to be sent to specified mail address.

Google is working on making its services useful and very effective to their users and in the specious occasion of 15th birthday of Gmail google gave a new feature to Gmail. Where it is capable of scheduling the posts.Schedule Emails in Gmail is really amazing feature!

Source : Google

So, How to Schedule Emails in Gmail?

  • First, you’ll need to watch for the function to roll out in your tool, which can also take the time. If you’re using the Gmail app, double take a look at for any pending updates waiting to be mounted.
  • Once the characteristic is to be had, draft your message as typical. When you’re ready to schedule, click on the arrow next to the blue “Send” button on PC and click “schedule ship.” A pop-up down menu will appear with preset scheduling options, such as “the next day morning,” although you may also set a particular date and instances as properly.
  • On cell, faucet the 3 stacked dots “extra” icon next to the send arrow, then tap “schedule send.” A new menu will appear that helps you to choose whilst you’d want to send the message.
  • You can edit a scheduled message’s delivery time by establishing the message and following the above steps to alternate the date and/or time.
Gmail Got Its Birthday Present! | Nepali Tech News 1
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