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Google Asking Exemption of Huawei From Ban


We all have heard the news of Huawei phones getting banned in the US and many Tech Company just braking off the ties with Huawei. Huawei then got the news that Google will not allow them to run any versions of Android in their upcoming mobile phones. Then Huawei had to do something because by all these will lead them to less sales in their product. Then Huawei had announced that the upcoming Huawei Phones will run on Ark OS, Google on the other hand was shocked to hear the launch of Ark OS from Huawei. Then there took a surprising event no one had ever Imagined, Google asking to release Huawei From Ban stating that it will affect its business and it is also a threat to national security. Google also stated that

Huawei Dependent in google is good for The US

Google Fears The Launch of Ark OS

Google Asking Exemption of Huawei From Ban 1
Google Fears The Launch of Ark OS

When Google got the news that the Huawei Phones will be running on Ark OS then Google was worried that it will better than Android and it will affect it’s Business. Google is arguing that Huawei Ban is not just bad for the Revenue of Google but also for the National Security.

Plans of Huawei After Getting Banned in US

After Huawei got banned in The US, it had to do something to save its business from drowning and it made two huge moves to save it from going out of the business.

  • Launch of Ark OS
  • Launch of 5G Connection

And by doing only these to things Huawei has got back to business. By the launch of Ark OS Google was worried in its Business. Huawei got 46 commercial 5G plans from 30 countries. Huawei has been working so hard to make its business not affected by the Ban.