Home Header NEB (+2) Exam Result 2074/75 COMING SOON !

NEB (+2) Exam Result 2074/75 COMING SOON !


Get NEB (+2) exam results directly on phone!

Please send your queries for result through SMS only after the NEB result 2074/75 is announced by NEB.


Get NEB(+2) exam results directly on phone via SMS?

To view your NEB result 2074/2075 via SMS, simply follow the following steps:
1. Go to your mobile messages box
2. Compose a new message
3.NEB (space) Symbol-number and send SMS to 35001

Each SMS would cost you Rs 5 + additional taxes only.

(as shown on screenshot below)

NEB (+2) Exam Result 2074/75 COMING SOON ! 1

“Congratulations your symbol number is 0000000A. You have passed.
Physics: 70
Nepali: 60
English 70
Chemistry: 90”


⇒You can directly visit neb official website  http://www.neb.gov.np/results

⇒or you can visit edusanjal website for neb result  https://neb.edusanjal.com/

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