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eSewa Refer & Earn Feature

esewa refer and earn

eSewa is a Digital Payment Portal which allows you to make online and offline payments to various merchants, transfer funds to various banks and many more. For example, with eSewa you can top up your mobile, pay postpaid, landline and ADSL bills, buy bus tickets, airlines tickets and movie tickets, transfer money from one bank to another.

eSewa has recently launched a new feature where you can refer and earn cash. So many of you are thing what is the process of earning cash by referring through eSewa it is really very simple this post will include all the necessary thing you must know about eSewa refer and earn feature.

What are the things Needed to Refer and Earn From eSewa?

Firstly you must have an eSewa ID on your mobile devices through which you will be able to use the eSewa App. You can also get the app from your Play Store or App Store if you don’t have it.

  1. Update the app and log in your eSewa Account.
  2. Click on the icon on the right side of My Payments Button.
  3. Read the Policies and Accept it.
  4. Then you will need to sync your contacts with eSewa App.
  5. Then You can Invite your friends and enjoy Refer and Earn on eSewa.
esewa refer and earn
esewa refer and earn button

Price We will get In Each eSewa Referrals?

There are basically three steps of earning money in eSewa by referring. Overall you will be getting Rs.30 per Referrals. he Earning is divided into three Sectors.

In the first sector after you send the referral and the recipient will click it, ou will receive Rs.5 and after the recipience will load fund in eSewa Wallet after the registration is completed you will be rewarded with Rs.15.

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In the last stage of eSewa Refer and Earn after the recipience will make a bill payment one after the registration of their account is done and load-in
complete you will be receiving Rs.10.

eSewa Refer & Earn Feature 1
Steps of esewa refer and earn

Is the eSewa Refer and Earn Feature Good?

I have also tried the eSewa Refer and Earn from the morning and it works perfectly fine. I have earned Rs.85 since morning. So, Really you must try the eSewa referral and earn feature which is amazing and you can earn money very easily.

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