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Most Productive Ways to Earn Money Online In Nepal

Earn Money Online In Nepal

So you want to know Ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal that is the reason you are here on the post. Let me make you clear that this post is really different and unique from all the posts available on the internet. You might be thinking how. It is because here I will be sharing with you my personal experience about the ways of earning money online in Nepal.

Also if you are here so that you can go to the next website and start money right now. Then let me be clear with you on this you can’t just go to a random site create an account and the website will pay you. You can not just earn money by signing up for an account you must work hard for it. Earning money online is the same as earning money offline you need to put the same effort while earning money online as you do offline.

The problem of Earning Online In Nepal

The biggest drawback of earning money online in Nepal is we don’t have access to any international digital payment methods like PayPal. It is the most common online payment method for money transfers throughout the world. But we can’t receive or send money in PayPal because Nepal is not supported by PayPal. also check Best Way to Earn Money in Nepal Without Investment. And you can earn money through playing games too you can check Earn money playing games

How to receive money from PayPal in Nepal?

As I have told you before PayPal is not supported in Nepal. So is there really no way how you can send or receive money through Nepal. The answer to this question is yes there are ways by which you can still use PayPal in Nepal. The first way is by asking your friend or relatives who are abroad to make a PayPal account and get it verified by their names or number. The second way is by contacting online sellers who sell PayPal Verified Account. But the contacting sellers might be a risky method because there is a high chance of you getting scammed.

Let me suggest you not contact any of the online sellers for the PayPal Account because they firstly charge a huge amount of money. Also, the second thing is you might or might not get the account. Also if you got the account and if PayPal finds it a bit suspicious. They can freeze the account right away.

PayPal in Nepal

Ways you can earn money online in Nepal

Learning the ways to earn money online in Nepal is easy. But staying in it and mastering the technique is really hard. The most productive ways which I have tried and tested are listed and explained below. Some of them also require money investment whereas some don’t need any money investment.

  • Earn money from Facebook and YouTube
  • Monetize Your Site
  • Mobile App Monetization (AdMob)
  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Fiver
  • Stock Trading
  • Adsense
  • Dropshipping

1.How to earn money from Facebook and YouTube?

If you are planning on earning money for a long time then you have surely searched for the topic related to earning money from Facebook in Nepal. Here are some of the ways you can earn money from YouTube and Facebook.

The First Way you can earn money from Facebook is by monetizing your Facebook Page. After the monetization ads will start to be shown on your Video uploaded from your Facebook Page. Now you will get paid as much as the viewer watches your ads shown in the Video. If you are unknown then let me share with you that you can even sell your Facebook Pages or Group to other people once your pages get a good number of Likes and Follow. You can even take money from other Pages or People for their promotion.

Now when it comes to earning money from YouTube the best thing you can do is upload videos and get a good amount to viewers and Subscribers. Once your channel reaches 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 Subscribers. Not only that you also have other sources rather than monetization you can even earn money from membership features where your loyal subscribers will pay you for extra or exclusive content.

Facebook Monetization

YouTube Monetization

earn with facebook and youtube

2.Monetize Your Site

You can also earn money from your website by monetizing it and displaying ads on your site. So what do you need to monetize your site and start generating income? You need to invest your money and your time in it. Firstly you will need to buy a domain and hosting to start the process. Once you are done with all the hosting and registering your domain. Now you will have to write informative and interesting posts on your site to engage the viewers. The next thing you need to do is find the best ad network to show ads on your site. The one that I personally like is Adsense because I have been using it for a long time and the second thing is it is very transparent among other Ads Network.

If in any case, you can’t use that ad network then you can use Media.net as your ad network for monetizing your site. Not only by ad network but you can also monetize your site by adding sponsored banners of local businesses or firms and get paid from them. Now a lot of company are more interested in digital marketing rather than in Marketing or showing ads on Radio and Television. also check to Earn Money By Playing Online Games in Nepal 2021 Easy Ways

Buy Domain

Buy Hosting

About Adsense

About Media.net

ads network to monetize your website

3. Mobile App Monetization (AdMob)

So you know how to develop a Mobile application then this way of earning money in Nepal is like a piece of Cake for you. So how can you get started with AdMob? Firstly you must go to admob.com and create an account for AdMob and fill in all the information if you have not signed up for an Adsense account before with that email. Now what you need to do is click on add app and create an app for receiving the App ID on Admob. Now create an Ad Unit and place it in your application.

Now you are wondering how does the AdMob helps you to earn money once you place an ad on your application. Then once the user of the application interacts with the ads or performs any kind of activity with the application. You will get paid for the ads they are interacting with. Now secondly you will have to add a billing address to your AdMob account. Then you are good to go and you can start earning and receive your payments.


earn money online in nepal using admob

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is the way where an individual person with a good skill can get paid getting involved in a particular Project or Task. The person providing freelancing is called Freelances and this person does not work full time on a particular company but works for any company on a specific topic and earn. As I have said before it is not a full-time job in a company at a higher post. So the amount you will get paid will also be low.

Sharing my experience when I started as a freelancer the first money that I got paid was Rs.250 for a thumbnail of a YouTube Video. Also as time passed I start earning more money with freelancing work. In the context of Nepal, people mainly do freelancing of Video Editing, Graphics Designing, Website Development and Designing, Content Writing, and SEO.

Here are all the site or Facebook groups where you can start working as a freelancer:




Ask Buddie

earn money with freelancing in nepal online

4.Affiliate Marketing

This way of earning money is suitable and easy for those people who have a great fan following or get many visitors on their site. So what you basically do in affiliate marketing is you sell products to your fans or followers and get paid for the number of items sold through you. Sharing with you frankly I haven’t tried affiliate marketing but I am well informed about it because I have an influencer friend of mine who does this kind of marketing and earns a lot from it.

Also if you don’t know how to start affiliate marketing or you are a beginner at it don’t freak out. In the beginning, if you are not an influencer then you will need to make followers to whom you want to influence to buy the product. Secondly, you will have to go to sites like MaxBounty and get your Account Approved. After your account get’s approved you will be able to get deals from brands to promote their products. Not only that some brands even give you extra money for the promotion of their products.


CJ Affiliate

affiliate marketing best way to earn money online


Freelancers know the term Fiverr very well. Fiverr is a site where you can do freelancing and earn money. So how to get started with Fiverr. Firstly you will need to sign up to Fiverr and Switch to Selling Mode. Then you can create a new gig and add all the service descriptions that you will be provided to the buyer. The Products or Services that you sell in Fiverr are known as Gigs. Not only that you can even sell the same products by adding some more perks at a higher price. The payment in Fiverr is safe and easy but it takes some time to receive money. The reason is the Fiverr Checks whether the freelancer has fulfilled the demand of the customer or not as per the description.

Most Productive Ways to Earn Money Online In Nepal 1

6.Stock Trading

Talking about Stock Trading the term itself is very new in Nepal. Nowadays people are getting crazy into Stock Trading in Nepal to earn profit from it. Basically, there are two types of people who invest in stock trading one is those who buy stocks and hold them for a long time to earn a long-term profit. Whereas some of them buy the stock and sell them whenever they think it is profitable. So you might be thinking is it really so profitable to invest in the stock market. It is profitable for those who can take the risk and has the correct idea about the Company’s Background.

If you are really new to the term Stock Trading then to start from the beginning you will need to have DMAT Account. I will provide all the links for the required thing just below this paragraph. After you have your DMAT Account. You shall fill a form for a CASBA account so that you can apply for an IPO online. After the CASBA account is made now you will have to make a Mero Share Account to apply for IPO.

Banks for DMAT Account

Mero Share Login

stock trading in bold text with some graphs and money


You might be fully aware of how do YouTubers earn money by showing ads on youtube right? If so Adsense is what pays those YouTubers to display ads on their Videos. Not Only YouTubers but most Bloggers and Application Developers also use Adsense to show ads on their websites and applications.

Getting started with Adsense is really easy firstly you need to create an account on Adsense using your Gmail Account and then add your details like address, name, and contact number. Make sure you have all your information filled up successfully and are original because you need to verify it later. Now you will receive it after your account is created within a week or two. Secondly, if you are planning to earn with YouTube then you can connect it with Adsense instantly. Also If you thinking of earning with the website you will need to verify the website is yours placing a code on your site and wait till the AdSense team verifies your site. After everything is done you will need to verify your information after you earn ten dollars then you can earn money from Adsense in Nepal.

google adsense logo on mobile on a laptop for earning


This is the easiest way to earn money which requires investment at the first. Dropshipping can be done very easily for this what you need to do is you need to have a website or a page on which you can post about the product that you are going to sell online. Now what you can do is you can list that product at a bit higher price. Now once you receive an order you can ship the product from Amazon or Alibaba directly to the buyer.

That’s how you can earn money and you don’t even have to care about the delivery cost and safety of the product that you are selling. The difficulty is when you have to find the buyers of your products. For that firstly you can pay Instagram pages or Facebook pages to promote your site and the product you are selling. After you will find some buyers stop paying the pages for the promotion.

dropshipping the way of earning money online in nepal