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Which is the Cheapest Data Provider of Nepal?

Which is the Cheapest Data Provider of Nepal

Little more than half a decade ago the corporate giant in the telecommunication sector in Nepal was ‘Nepal Doorsanchar Company Private Limited’ aka NTC. Trying to cope up with it was the then Ncell known as ‘Mero Mobile’. There was not much of a competition, to be honest though, mobile data was not as hyped as it is now, and people mostly accessed interned through dialup connection through their personal computers. In this whole we will be looking into which is the Cheapest Data Provider of Nepal.

Then things slowly began to change, people started switching to smartphones. WIFI and Mobile Data were now benchmarks. In 2008 a new player entered the field of mobile network service providers breaking the duopoly. It was Smart Cell which is now rebranded as ‘Smart’. Mero Mobile had some Swedish influence and now is known as Ncell. As of 2019, we have three major mobile network service providers in Nepal. Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart.

Each had their pros and cons in the past and now NTC is the first in the list of user database and market share before Ncell and Smart Cell respectively. But we don’t care which began their services the first of which has the largest base of market share. Truth be told, what we really care for our speed, reliability, coverage and affordability.

Comparision between NTC Ncell and Samrtcell for Cheapest Data Provider of Nepal
Source: storeinnepal.com

All three provide decent rate of mobile data and have 4G coverages but we will simplify the actual charges, tariffs, data volume along with their time period and in a nutshell show you how much you are actually paying for data for each of the providers and how Smart Cell excels in the affordability section of mobile data presently.

First things first, there are a lot of variations in rates considering the volume of data you are purchasing and at what time you are doing so. For example, browsing Facebook after 10 PM can be a lot cheaper than reading the news at 2 PM.

Regardless, we have a fundamental class to compare. The ‘One Day Pack’. NTC provides 80MB at Rs. 10 as their one-day pack. If done the math correctly, that is Rs.0.125 per one MB. Furthermore, Ncell provides 75 MB of data for Rs. 19.15 including the taxes and that is a whopping Rs.0.25 per one MB. And there is our savior Smart with 200 MB at just Rs. 11.49 which is including taxes, Rs. 0.057 per MB. Almost, 119% cheaper than NTC and 338% cheaper than Ncell. Now that is something SmartCell can boast about!

Here is a side by side comparison for you to understand what we are talking about and be amazed at how Smart is playing against all the odds.

Comparison Table for Cheapest Data Provider of Nepal

CompanyValidity Data Provided through Packs Cost Inclusive of all Tariffs Per MB Cost
NTC 1Day 80MB 1GB Rs.10 Rs.45 Rs.0.125 Rs.0.044
Ncell 1Day 75MB 0.75GB Rs.19.45 Rs.49.8 Rs.0.259 Rs.0.064
Smart 1Day 200MB 1GB Rs.11.49 Rs.37.03 Rs.0.057 Rs.0.036

Now, this was a very basic comparison to show how cheap Smart Cell has been providing mobile data in Nepal with almost the same decent level of speed in comparison to Ncell and NTC. For further comparison, we have the 10 GB Pack. NTC has a slightly modified 10 GB plan where it provides 12 GB for Rs. 700 which is almost 17.55 MB per your one rupee. Similarly, Ncell provides 16 GB for 1020.24 which is roughly 16.05 MB per Rs. 1 and finally, Smart Cell has been providing 10 GB of data for Rs. 407.33 which is an awesome 25.13 MB per Rs. 1. We can see even in the large data pack section Smart Cell wins for providing the cheapest data. So you might be clear about the cheapest data provider of Nepal.

Data Source : NTC / Ncell / Smart Cell