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New Apple Mac Pro- Hardware Specification & Other Info


Apple announced it’s new Mac Pro for US$6,000 with a whole new mac pro than the previous version. Tim Cook Apple’s CEO announced it on Apple’s WWDC Event of June 2019 not only the Mac Pro Apple has announced a lot of cool stuff this 2019. Remember when the Mac used to be cylindrical, and it was a lot of trash can and was not good in its design. The new Mac Pro launched with a whole new design, specs and a complete big processing power than the old Mac Pro. The Design of the old Mac Pro is given below the design was not liked by the many users, and it was not widely liked and sold and in 2019. Apple came with a whole new innovative and creative idea to sell its Mac Pro in the market.

New Apple Mac Pro- Hardware Specification & Other Info 1
Old Mac Pro

You can just have a look of the old Mac Pro which was of cylindrical shape and it can also be called as a trash can. Apple’s been involved in cool projects so that it can make it’s customer happy and get into the competitive market. Although Apple is the first company to hit 1 Trillion in its revenue, The company is involved in projects that will help in getting more revenue. Apple Arcade is the new upcoming project of Apple said to be launched in the year 2020 and it is a boon to the gamers out there.

Back to our Topic Mac Pro is already announced and let’s see the video of the new Mac Pro.

Mac Pro Hardware Specification

New Apple Mac Pro- Hardware Specification & Other Info 2


The New Mac Pro has Intel Xenon Processor with these kind of specs:

  • 28-core, 56 threads, 2.5GHz, 4.4GHz TB, 66.5MB cache, up to 2TB 2933MHz memory
  • 24-core, 48 threads, 2.7GHz, 4.4GHz TB, 57MB cache, up to2TB 2933MHz memory
  • 16-core, 32 threads, 3.2GHz, 4.4GHz TB, 38MB cache, up to 1TB 2933MHz memory
  • 12-core, 24 threads, 3.3GHz, 4.4GHz TB, 31.25MB cache, up to 1TB 2933MHz memory
  • 8-core, 16 threads, 3.5GHz, 4.0GHz TB, 24.5MB cache, up to 1TB 2666MHz memory

The Mac Pro is beast is it’s using the above given Processor.


So Taking about the physical Memory of the device there is up to 12 DIMM Slots and 6 ECC Memory. It can be upgraded to 1.5 TB of Physical Memory.


The New Mac Pro Uses SSD as the storage of the device and comes with built-in 256GB of Storage. If the user wants then he/she can upgrade it to more storage capacity of SSD. The Storage is much good and nicely picked by Apple to use SSD rather than Internal Hard Disk as a storage option.


The new Mac Pro has two Graphics which is very much powerful and helps user give a whole new experience of Mac Pro. The Graphics card used by the Mac Pro:

  • Radeon Pro 580X
  • AMD Radeon Pro Vega 2

Which is the best GPU’s Available in the market.

Conclusion of Hardware Specification

The overall conclusion of the new Mac Pro is just amazing, The Design of the Device, Processors, Ram, Graphics, storage and every other thing that is built in the device is good.Apple’s New Mac Pro has been reviewed by thousands of people and many people have given a really nice response about the device.


2019 Mac Pro release date

The new Mac Pro will be available to order in the autumn, there is no specified date announced by the Apple officials about the official release of the product. We will publish an article whenever we will get the news about the launch of Mac Pro.

Extra of WWDC 2019

Mac Pro was not the only product that was launched by Apple in WWDC Event of 2019. Apple Introduced IOS 13, Update of Apple TV, Apple Watch and more cool products to be launched in 2019. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has also confirmed the release of Apple Arcade to be scheduled to 2020. To get more information about the Apple WWDC Event check the website for more information here.