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15 Great ways To Get youtube subscribers – Increase youtube subscribers Very Fast

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Ways to get Youtube Subscribers

When it comes to a video sharing website youtube is leading from many years.With a popularity of youtube, competition is increasing for video creators.Among millions creator, I can guess you are also a new creator who are looking to get youtube subscribers.

Five years ago it was easy to grow your youtube channel but now there is a high competition. To get youtube subscribers it is a little bit hard but it is possible.There are many youtubers who grow very fast and increase their subscribers easily.

you may have a question How those new youtubers able to get youtube subscribers easily and short answer to this question is they know an actual idea that what to do to get subscribers.And I will provide you 15 Smart Ways To Get More Youtube Subscriber in 2018  which I have found after I analysis those fast-growing youtube channels.

Before starting how to get youtube subscribers let me clear a question of every newbie youtubers have in their mind.

Buying subscribers are good or not?

If you are thinking of buying subscribers and get youtube subscribers then you are on a wrong track.Buying youtube subscriber leads you to termination of your youtube channel.If you alive  from termination then subscribers you buy by paying bucks are like a stone they don’t have a feel for your videos

You may have a number to show but you will not get any advantages from that subscribers and they will not care about you.

another mistake new youtubers make is they just do sub4sub which is very dangerous for the channel.It is sure your channel will be deleted if you engage in the sub4sub exchange program.

15 Smart Ways To Get More Youtube Subscriber in 2018

Now its time to show you 15 Smart Ideas To Get Youtube Subscribers in 2018.Those points are taken after analyzing fastest growing youtube channel so you can get youtube subscriber fast in a duration of 1 years.

>choose a right content

Before starting channel you always need to make a plan.A plan that helps you to choose a right content Many creators cannot get youtube subscribers because they choose a wrong Content.A good plan can make everyone successful so better make a good plan before stepping foots on youtube. you may have a doubt how to choose a right content I can solve it for you.

How to choose right content to get youtube subscribers?

Before starting a youtube channel remember your hobby what you love to do.if you love to make other laughs make a vine if you are interested in technology to make tech videos if you can sign make cover video channel.Conclusion, for those examples, makes videos what you are expert in.

>Setup youtube channel

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Have you ever wonder how much your channel looks effect subscribers.If you have a professional look channel then there is a high chance people will subscribe your channel and you cab get youtube subscribers.Many fast-growing youtubers are concerned with this step so they make their channel look clean and very professional.

You may have a thought how to set up a youtube channel.setupping youtube channel is easy.if you need to know here I will mention short but good steps.

How to set up youtube channel?

To make youtube channel look clean and professional make a good profile picture and channel art.More you make a professional channel art and profile picture there is high chance of getting more youtube subscriber.if you can’t make a good channel art and profile picture don’t worry by spending few dollar you can get a high professional channel art and pp from Fiverr.com

You can buy from Fiverr.com

And after pp and channel art don’t forget to describe your youtube in about section.Many youtubers make don’t care about this but this helps you in ranking on youtube.

>Work smarter Not hard

15 Great ways To Get youtube subscribers – Increase youtube subscribers Very Fast 1

you may find an article and videos where they have a common point.You must work harder in order to get successful on youtube.But the reality is you must work smarter rather than harder.Every youtubers give their best and hard work in order to make and upload videos in youtube but among them only a few get success.

All of the youtubers make efforts but only smarter one get success.So if you want to get a subscriber than become a smarter.Now all the tips below are ways to be smart in order to make your channel successful.Read carefully to be a smarter not harder.

>Message for subscription

15 Great ways To Get youtube subscribers – Increase youtube subscribers Very Fast 2

About 10 thousand to 50 thousand new users enter on youtube daily.Those new users don’t have any knowledge about youtube.And some of the users on youtube even don’t have knowledge about youtube.You can take advantages of this.

You just need to do is display a message of subscription at first part of the video or before the intro.You can make short clip by saying you can subscribe me by clicking on the red button.This may should stupid but this is a proven method and many big youtubers are using it.

A message clip for subscription request can make a huge difference in gaining subscribers for you.So add a short clip to intro and request viewers to subscribe your youtube channel.

>Intro and outro

The more you make your video looks good the more subscriber you will get.Intro and outro for a video will add will an positive impact on your viewers.All of the fastest growing youtube channels have intro and outro in their videos.It even doesn’t take a long time to make an intro and outro but can make a big difference in the quality of your videos.

If you don’t know about intro and outro then intro is short clips which is used in the beginning of your video and outro is used At end of the video.

You can make intro and outro by yourself by using software sony vegas and after effects.If you want to buy an awesome professional intro and outro then fiver can help you.

At Fiverr you can get a very professional intro and outro of your channel.You just need to give a channel name and a design you are trying to make.There are many experience seller who will provide your intro and outro in just few dollar.

>Make videos on Trending Topic

You may know that if you get more views then you will get more subscribers and more revenue.More views is directly related to more subscribers.If you get more views there is a huge chance of getting more subscribers.

you can get more views on trending topic easily.In order to get more views just choose a trending topic that is going viral.Make 2 to 3 videos and wait for views.Do you remember Song PPAP a viral song on the internet only making a different version and reacting this song many youtubers get big and got success.

So make videos that are trending on youtube.This is a part and perfect example of working smarter rather than harder.If you make a video on viral topic there is no doubt you will get views with a lot of subscribers so make videos targeting trending and viral topic.

if you need to know how to get more views here is Proven ways to get more views.

>Frequent Upload

More you upload more you will get views.Youtube always trace the activity of every channel so they can rank and recommend your videos.If your youtube channel is active there is more chance of getting recommend.If your video reaches to too many viewers you can get a lot of subscribers.

For an upload, you can a make a time plan when to upload videos.You can upload videos on daily basis, twice a week and once a week.it depends on what your channel content is.In short, I want to say than uploading videos frequently can really help you to get youtube subscribers and will boost up your channel.Content and quality is king


This is very important things you need to know in order to make a lot of subscribers.Here first thing you need to give priority to content.The concept for content is simple if you make a unique content that no one ever has made then your subscriber will blow up in just month.

If you introduce a content that no one has made before then the chances of getting big on youtube is 95%.So make a good plan before publishing your videos.Make a unique plan and unique video.if you make a content that others have already made than success will not get in your hand.

another thing you need to consider is the quality of your videos, A bad quality videos don’t attract anyone so making your video quality good and choosing unique content can give you a lot of subscribers than you haven’t even imagine.

>Make engaging videos

with a title, you can say what I want to say, right. Making videos that are interesting can help you to engage viewers to your videos.The Trending and the most popular way to make videos is 10-minute videos.If you make 10-minute videos that will really help you to get more subscribers.

There are many factors which help youtube videos to rank higher on youtube.Among the one of the importnant factor is watch time.If you have more watch time believe me your videos will get more recommended by youtube and rank higher.To make a watch time better 10-15 minutes interesting videos are best and only a good option and way for new youtubers.

>Video optimization

if you are a newbie than video optimization is one thing you need to do in order to grow your youtube channel fast.If you are unknown about video optimization than let me tell you.choosing right title with a right description and tags is optimization of the video.

For this, you can use a free tool by Google called keyword planner which helps you to find a title.If you are new and need help while using keywords planner than subscribe my newsletter I will send you ebook on your email.


Now its time for a description for optimization description is very necessary.A random description does not help you to get more subscribers.the description must contain keywords that you are using in your title.write something in your title and repeat that keywords for 6 times.


you can use tags related to video do not misuse of tags this can lead you to demonetize to termination of your channel.There are many tools for video optimization which are paid and free.I will recommend you to use keyword planner and you can also use tube buddy which is most popular and easy youtube tool.with this you can get youtube subscribers fast.


A thumbnail helps you to get targeted viewers.Thumbnail is just another factor that people click your video to watch.If your thumbnail is just attractive then viewers will click your videos.more your thumbnail has an attractive level more you will get subscribers.

I will recommend you to make a catchy thumbnail but don’t use click bait thumbnail this will affect your channel brand but you can use a clickbait related to your content because according to youtube rule click bait is not illegal.This is another marketing or viewers attracting technique.

>Use of annotation

Many creators ignore this awesome features provided by youtube.a creator who are using annotations are getting a quality of subscribers.There is no any big deal in using annotation you just need to add subscribe button to videos screen.This can really help you to increase youtube subscribers.

  • Using annotation and other features that are provided by youtube for creators can help you to get subscribers in real time.Never ignore any features that are provided by youtube for you.If you use a features given by youtube then youbcan get a youtube subscribers fast. <

>engage in social

Many people are engaged in social network site like facebook and twitter rather than youtube.You can take advantages of this make short videos and post on your facebook profile or page and share it in different groups.In videos, description gives your youtube channel link.

if anyone like your video he will come to your youtube channel andyou can get youtube subscribers.Use a social media in order to drive traffic to your channel because there is no competition in social media.You can get 10k views easily on facebook if you made a good video.

So Try social media this can help you to get youtube subscribers.Using Facebook is best because there are more than million people active and competition is too low as well sharing on social media is easy than Facebook with one click your video can be shared

Those are some smart ways to get youtube subscribers.If you know any other ideas you can share with us in the comment box.If you like this article share with your creator friends and on your social sites.