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ജിബി Whatsapp Download || Download Gb whatsapp Apk Latest Version


GBWhatsAppജിബി whatsapp download In this modern time, we all use a mobile phone. Different kinds of mobiles with various specifications and features are released into the market every day. technology is improving day by day. Along with the smartphones, a lot of applications are also released among Them Mod version of whats app called Gb WhatsApp. gb WhatsApp is a free mod version of a WhatsApp app.

Gb WhatsApp Details:

GBWhatsApp Application Details
Application Name   GBWhatsapp
 Version Number  7.4
 Application Size  37.14 MB
 Root  No Need
 Category  WA
 Developer  Omar
 Operating System Supported  Android 4.0+
 Number of Users  5,000,000+
 Last Date Of Update 26th July 2018

There are many mods available of WhatsApp on the internet, but the best support which we can get is about GBWhatsApp. Why? Just because of its popularity and it’s best features. GBWhatsApp always puts the update, and you can download it from his site, or you can bookmark our blog page and get the latest update of GBWhatsApp. Isn’t it quite amazing? This App is being regularly updated by the Developer of this app, So you can also enjoy this app on your device in the long term without having any issues at all.

Gb WhatsApp Apps And whats app Introduction

WhatsApp Messenger is a free software. It is a cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service currently owned by Facebook.

This application allows text messaging and voice calls, as well as video calls. The users can also communicate images and other media, documents, and even the GPS location. The application runs on mobile devices. ജിബി whatsapp download

In addition,  it is also accessible from desktop computers. You require a cellular mobile number to an operator to create a WhatsApp account.

Earlier, the users could communicate with other users individually or in groups but in September 2017, WhatsApp changed its business model to suit the business platform.

This enabled companies to provide customer service to users at a scale.

One drawback of this application is that it uses only a single number in one device. To rectify this, a new app is available by the name of GB Whatsapp app. It is one of the instant messaging App similar to what’s app.

It has a user-friendly UI. Just like WhatsApp, a person can share the text messages, images, videos and documents too. However, the data is set to some limit.

It also doesn’t require a login. There are no security issues but you still have all the privacy options. It is actually a modded version of Whatsapp and it is used by millions of people.

Whatsapp can use two contact numbers in a single phone, unlike the official WhatsApp. This is its main feature. Other Comparisons are almost the same.

The GB Whatsapp application apk is available to download for free and it can be used with almost any smartphone. The installation is quite easy and it can also be downloaded without any hassle.

Gb WhatsApp Messenger Introduction

The original WhatsApp is also a very good platform. It has been one of the main networking platforms in the world.

Its success depends upon its huge user base and their undying trust in the platform. Over the years, that trust has only solidified.

Although being such a major player, WhatsApp does have it’s fair share of limitations. These limitations are overcome by GB WhatsApp messenger.

Based on the WhatsApp itself, It is a novel way to use WhatsApp. It has many extra features that make it able to have a competitive edge over the original WhatsApp. Similarly, it also enables you to use two Whatsapp account in a single device. ജിബി whatsapp download

This undoubtedly makes GBWhatsApp apps is better than the original WhatsApp. The original WhatsApp has many flaws and these flaws are rectified by the GBWhatsApp. The application also has all the customizable features and core application features that are very important.

A business that uses the GBWhatsApp application also displays more edge over the original WhatsApp. Customer satisfaction level is also more in the case of GB WhatsApp because of it’s extended features and simplicity. Hence, it is better than the Original WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp features

It consists of many extra features as compared to the official Whatsapp. To enjoy the new services, just download GB Whatsapp on your smartphone.

You can enjoy all the features of the application once it is completely installed. Here, we are providing you with a list of all the features that are there in This app:

Automatic DND Feature –It consists of an automatic DND feature that helps by disabling the data connection only for Whatsapp.

Cancel Multiple Messages – We can receive and delete multiple messages at once.

Inbuilt Scheduler Message – Users can schedule Whatsapp messages as their preference.

Privacy For Status – Users can keep their status private ie, they can hide from the other users.

Hide Status And Chats – Status Chats and Stories can either be hidden or shown.

New Emojis-The new version includes newest emoji styles

Limit on Videos – The limit has been extended up to 50 MB.

Broadcasting – You can now broadcast to 600 people.

Languages – GB Whatsapp supports more than 100 languages.

Limit of Images – A user can send up to 90pictures. In Whatsapp, only ten images are selected once. It is nine times better compared to Whatsapp in this region.

App Lock – Password can be set to maintain privacy.

Bubble Patterns – The pattern of how text looks is also changed.

GBWhatsApp Added Features

The newest version has some additional features, these are given below:

  • Two-step Authentication works perfectly without any issues.
  • Themes can be downloaded in the themes section. You can also load themes from the storage.
  • If you have some created themes, then you can able to send the theme to the developer.
  • You can now share your GBwhatsapp preferences to another Android device. In addition, you can clear the WhatsApp GB preferences too.
  • You are able to now change the color of the header of the WhatsApp from the default green.
  • From GBwhatsapp V5.70 you can send the video up to 50 MB. This was previously limited to 16MB.
  • Images used to be compressed by default. In this Mod, you are able to send Quality Images with maximum resolution.
  • It has increased the upload limit of the Audio up to 100 MB.
  • Introducing the status quality mode, the mod will help you to increase the media quality while updating the status.
  • You can change the launcher icons.
  • Always online feature helps you to stay online even your screen is off.
  • Heads-up notifications can be disabled if you don’t want this one.
  • You can now disable Voice calls if you don’t want.
  • It can be secured by enabling the password.
  • You can now send 90 Image file at a time instead of 30 images.
  • Hide the Last seen and Blue tick marks.
  • Add 600 members in the broadcast list instead of 252 members.
  • The style of tick marks can be changed.
  • You can copy the text message by double tapping it.
  • You won’t be banned when you use the application
  • Every official feature is available in the mod.
  • You can now add 250 characters on status which was not possible on the original app.
  • You can now lock the chats with the pin.
  • 35 characters group names can be set.

Limitations of Gbwhatsapp

  • The application Speed is slow as compared to the real WhatsApp.
  • It’s a third party application so, your personal data can be compromised.

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ജിബി whatsapp Download Latest Version (Installation Guide)

Image result for download pic

GB Whatsapp download the latest version

  • How to download and use gbwhatsapp latest version apk on any Android device, let’s have a look at the step by step tutorial now from below. Also have a look at How to Hide last seen, Online Status from GBWhatsapp apk. So checkout how to Download and use GBWhatsapp apk, now from below link. And also check out how to install gbwhatsapp via step by step instructions from below. Don’t forget to check how to install gbwhatsapp without losing chats. ജിബി whatsapp download
  • Firstly click on settings and click on Settings — Security — Unknown Sources


  • After enabling unknown sources Install the application on your Android Device.
gbwhatsapp apk latest version
gbwhatsapp apk latest version
  • Open the application and enter your mobile number in it, like below screenshot.
gbwhatsapp apk
gbwhatsapp apk
  • Now After entering your Phone Number, GBWhatsapp Will verify your number Via OTP Code Automatically. After that, Your GBWhatsapp is ready to use on your Device.
gbwhatsapp download apk latest

Who is GBWhatsApp not for?

This is not an official application. It has some security and privacy concerns. It also doesn’t have a company backing it so, it can be a bit unsafe. ജിബി whatsapp

Hence, People who perform serious jobs in WhatsApp shouldn’t use the modded version. People who own business and do all their official businesses in WhatsApp, people who work in such businesses, politicians and highly popular people shouldn’t use this modded platform as all their private information is on the line and there is no any company who is to be blamed if their sensitive information is leaked.  ജിബി whatsapp download

Similarly, this modded version shouldn’t be used by children as many children can suffer from abuse and there is no higher body to regulate the happenings of the platform.  ജിബി whatsapp download

In addition to this, people can even be manipulated to paying a huge sum of money for their own data to hackers who could easily bypass the security of the application.

Even then, there are some ways to minimize this. Users should use a very strong password, they should encrypt their most sensitive data and shouldn’t even communicate such data over any internet media.

Also, people should use the application properly without disrespecting others and use their rights appropriately. ജിബി whatsapp download

Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Smartphone!

We know that the It is the latest modded version of Whatsapp and due to its top-notch features, the application is used by millions of people.

Phones in this day and age have dual sims and people use that. Two sims in a single phone. Still, the official WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to use two numbers. ജിബി whatsapp download

In order to maintain two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile,  a user now has to install and download It.

it’s the main feature and naturally, the application is a mod. Since it’s a mod, the application isn’t available in play store. All android users need to download the apk from and web and sideload it.  ജിബി whatsapp download

The best thing is the apk is available easily so, it can be installed without any problem.  ജിബി whatsapp download

It is a really trendy app. The application is used by all the Android users. The installation and the download process is simple. And it’s fairly easy to use.

Some extra useful features are added up with official WhatsApp. The latest version of Gb Whatsapp Apk is now available for free. Anyone can download it. ജിബി whatsapp download

Further, the app is regularly updated and comes with more features than the usual Gb Whatsapp. It has a small size and it is user-friendly. The application is regarded as one of the best Android Apk used by everyone. ജിബി whatsapp download

Is GBWhatsApp a safe application?

gb whatsapp safe or not

First of all, it doesn’t require root access so, the installation will not harm your device as you don’t have to perform a root.

Rooting a device voids the warranty and it is possible that the device may start to be damaged. Since the application doesn’t need a root access, you don’t really need to be afraid to install the application. In addition to it, the application is very light with only 35 MB as the total size. ജിബി whatsapp download

It also doesn’t need much RAM and the processor so, the application won’t put any stress on your device. A 1 GB RAM smartphone and a 1 GHz Processor is enough to run the application. The application, despite being a modded version, doesn’t have any viruses or malware attached to it. ജിബി whatsapp download

So, from a technical standpoint, the application is perfectly safe. As far as the privacy of the data is concerned, it’s a doubled edged sword. We know that even big companies like Facebook tend to leak data and pay serious repercussions for it. ജിബി whatsapp download

Hence, we cannot conclude if the application perfectly handles your data. However, no any big data leaks have happened yet so we can roughly estimate that the application is safe enough to use from the privacy perspective.

Major Problems of GBWhatsApp

1.) It is not legitimate: As you already know, It is not an official Google PlayStore Certified application. It’s an unofficial app that needs to be sideloaded. There is no concrete company behind it to take the claims if you’re somehow abused and demand something. Also, since it’s a modded version, you’d be at risk from hackers and data leaks.

2.) Risk on your Account: If the official WhatsApp company analyzes your MAC address and finds two accounts in one phone, both of your accounts might be terminated. It implies all your data will be lost and you’d have to make a new account with another sim card.

ജിബി whatsapp download . If you own a business and you perform many transactions over WhatsApp, you shouldn’t consider using It because of the fact that the application can potentially terminate your valuable data and cause so much loss on your side.

This can be quite a trouble so, you’d need to be careful. Similarly, if your data is leaked then there won’t be anyone to take action against the application since it’s not an official app.


WhatsApp is really great file sharing, communication platform with a lot of features. It is also very trustworthy. The application handles almost everything with great efficiency.  ജിബി whatsapp download

The Application is also well known to handle the user data correctly. It hasn’t leaked any data, unlike some other similar products. However, it does have some flaws. Since it is also a commercial application, it does cut corners now and then.

To overcome its disadvantages, GBWhatsApp is there, the modded WhatsApp alternative is the best way to use the features that are not provided by the original application.

If you are looking for an app that does the work of Whatsapp but does it even better then you must try out this application without any hesitation.

Overall, the application works despite having some minor flaws. The installation is easy and it’s UI is simple to get around. WhatsApp users will easily be able to switch to it.

ജിബി whatsapp download

ജിബി whatsapp download